Jerome Nouvelle is a Paris-based French Director of Photography who works worldwide.

Raised in the French Alps , inspired by his father, an accomplished mountaineer, Jerome found it natural to work with images he grew up with and loved. He began his career in 1988 as a Camera Assistant for IMAGE Department, shooting TV commercials, corporate films and TV series. Because of his artistic sense of framing and lighting, he quickly became a Camera Operator, filming outdoors with natural light in the particularly tough conditions of the mountains, then the deserts and then at sea.

His first work as a D.O.P. was in 1990 for a French TV series, "Le Vagabond des Mers" (6 x 52) shot over six months sailing the Caribbean.

His first feature film, "Pushing the Limits" (an action/adventure comedy) by French Director, Thierry Donard, a specialist in extreme sport filming . It was an exiting 35mm multi-camera shoot produced over a year and a half in very extreme conditions in the most beautiful mountain landscapes of the French and Swiss Alps and in The South American Cordilleras, which required more than 300 hours of helicopter shooting.

Recognized as a D.O.P specializing in shooting in extreme and tough conditions, Jérôme then began to shoot TV commercials for the biggest production companies and clients in France.

Naturally and progressively, he became more and more involved in lighting intimate scenes and beauty shots - but always in a naturalistic way; a direct result of his tremendous experience in outdoor shooting. Inspired moody lighting and modern look is now his everyday challenge...

Over the years, he has worked in every film format: from traditional Super 16 and 35mm to the latest in digital equipment including HD and 4K Cameras such as Alexa, Red MX, Red EPIC, Scarlett, Phantom, Canon Eos 5 D Mark II & III, Sony F55, etc…

Because of his wide range of filming and technical experience, his artistic sense and his professionalism, Jerome is qualified to work under any kind of shooting situation; whether it be on location or in a studio, and for TV commercials, corporate films, music video, Internet and short films.

He continues to work for production companies based in France, throughout Europe or around the world including Russia, Ukraine, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Asia, The Middle East, China, USA and Canada.

He also works as a DIRECTOR/D.O.P. for specific projects such as pack-shots, beauty-shots, sport footage, natural live action and documentary-style TV commercials.


Nissan, Renault, Turkish Airlines, Sncf, Alstom, Adidas, L’Oreal, Orange, MacDonalds, Evian, Danone, Pepsi, Lindt, Decathlon, Fanta, Tunisair, Societe Generale, Atijari, Wafa Bank, Maroc Telecom, Meditel, Turkcell, UCB, IBM, and many more...